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Escursionistico Trekking in the comprensorio  of the average Val d' Agri  


Coming down the Val d' Agri, after the blue of the lago of the Pertusillo, warm tones prevail and burn you of the calanchifero landscape, moved, but insufficient found. Ergono unexpected, however, two singular and mysterious guglie, flanking one more small cuspid centrale.E' the Timpa (or Murgia ‑ m. 690) of Saint Lorenzo in which the popular imagination  ravvisa an image of the Madonna. 

Near this fantastic relief it begins the proposed escursionistico distance that to us it will see endured decreased in an evocative one canyon. From the left side of the Sour ones we will admire from the bottom the Plan of Gallicchio Vetere and guaderemo therefore the river, reminding that a time it was navigable until Grumentum and came crossed from Hannibal on the Cane way and therefore from Spartaco in escape from Rome towards Is drunk a toast. Admired stalatti to you and stalagmiti the formations of on the walls of the canyon and become the same impercorribile, flanking the skillful river of the Sour ones, giungera'  to freschissima the source of the Tufariello. 





Therefore an other guado and then the climb to the Cove of Saint Giacomo, carved in the below wall to the Pianoro di Gallicchio Vetere. Quivi, second the popular legend, Saint Giacomo was stopped in order to repair itself from the rain and its horse, made thirsty, made to gush out with a soccer one source. Flanking the full of rocks wall we will return in pressed of the bridge the channel in order to go back along one mulattiera of crinale to the pianoro where rose the ancient one lived of Gallicchio Vetere, before being destroyed from the Saraceni. In full air we will embrace with the look the entire one goes them and we will search "as pascenti sheep" the countries scattered along the flanks or on the crinali of the necks. A more elementary way will then lead us to the Village of Gallicchio, in order to taste native produce typical in familiar atmosphere.   The particular light of the sunset that will ignite and render still more irreali and intriguers the scoscendimenti and the secret folds of the calanchi, will pick to us between the ancient and new houses of Gallicchio nearly protese to stop the time and to eternare the feelings of one sure unforgettable day.  



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